Q: What is Michael Bay’s next movie/What is Michael working on?
Not sure yet. Be sure to check back at a later date.

Q: Where can I purchase Michael’s student films or spec ads?
“My Brother Benjamin,” and the “Coca Cola spec commercial are owned exclusively by Michael and unless he decides to release them, there is no way to obtain them. Keep your fingers crossed that he will change his mind and maybe release them some time in the future. As for the music videos, the artists are on different labels so the creating an official collection would be extremely difficult.

Q: Is it true that Michael was not admitted by USC (University of Southern California)?
Yes and no. After earning his BA (English & Film) at Wesleyan, Bay applied to USC’s film school and was denied admission. He then contacted George Lucas , who then wrote a letter recommendation on his behalf, and got accepted into USC six months later. By then Michael had gotten accepted into Pasadena’s Art Center Graduate Film program and proceeded to turn down USC.

Q: Is Michael Bay involved with this site?
Yes he is. He reads, post and interacts with fans on the forums.

Q: Where can I access the old forums?
You can access them by here. Keep in mind that they’re no longer active.

Q: Can I have Michael’s e-mail, address or phone number?
No. Posting his personal contact info would be quite irresponsible, and would disrupt his privacy.

Q: Who is Nelson?
Nelson is the web master who designs, updates, and moderates this site and the forums. You can contact him.

Q: Why is this site’s design so minimal?
We could’ve gone for a totally Flash-based site with all the bells and whistles but we wouldn’t have much to say as we detract from what is important: content. Minimalism as a design does wonders: it keeps the attention where it should belong while subtlety enhancing everything in a simple and elegant way. Think of it as the design of the iPod or iPhone. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or Piet Mondrian. “Less is more.”

Q: Is there any way you can forward an idea, scripts, or video tapes to Michael?
Not through this site. We cannot accept unsolicited material (e.g. scripts, presents, videos, reels, etc.) intend to be received by or for Michael. And we CANNOT direct it to him or his production company. It is unsolicited material and legally we cannot accept it (much less send it to Michael). So, if you send something, the webmaster will simply delete it.

Q: So is there any other way I can send Michael a script?
Yes and no. What you first have to do is begin the long, hard search for representation (in other words: getting an agent). Then your agent will send it to the person you request. You also have to register your script with the WGA and/or the U.S. Copyright Off

Q: What did the late Don Simpson tell Michael regarding his visual style before beginning work on Bad Boys?
While interviewing for the director spot on Bad Boys, producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson sat Michael at Simpson’s house and grilled him while watching his reel. Don Simpson then told Bay: “You know, you can’t use certain camera angles. You can’t do this, you can’t do that. This is about telling a story.” The next morning Bay got the job.

What is that scope/lens that Michael Bay looks through when he preps for a shot?
It’s a Mark VB Director’s Viewfinder which he uses to frame a shot within the aspect ratio and focal length he wants to use. You can see Bay’s customized viewfinder (Panavision printed the movies he’s worked on the viewfinder). You can also buy the Mark VB Director’s Viewfinder at FilmTool.com.

Q: What cars does Michael drive?
He currently drives a Ferrari 458 Italia, Bentley Continental GT, and a Land Rover Sport.

Q: Is it true that Michael’s biological father is a Hollywood director? Who is it?
While this issue is none of our business, I’ll answer this question in Michael’s own words: “You can probably hurt a lot of people by saying [who it is].”

Q: Where does Michael live?
For the past four years Michael has lived in Miami, Florida. Bay Films now operates from South Beach, Fl. Platinum Dunes still operates from Santa Monica, Ca.

Q: I need to do research for my _____________ on Michael Bay, where can I find info on who and what influenced his artistic sensibilities?
You can read all about it in the articles section. Also, you could listen to Bay’s commentary tracks on Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl harbor, The Island, Transformers, and Revenge of the Fallen.

Q: What does “Shoot For The Edit” mean”?
In the book ‘Visions Of Armageddon‘ Michael says the following: “Coming out of music videos and commercials, I learned how to shoot very quickly and also make something look good. One of my knacks is shooting for the edit, basically editing things in my mind”.