Freya’s Acting Debut

Posted on Sep 22, 2016

13 Hours Encore Presentation

Posted on Sep 14, 2016

My film 13 HOURS is being re-released this weekend in certain markets. It’s blown up on home video that means people are discovering it and hearing great word of mouth. I want people to see it in the cinema because it’s an intense movie that needs to be experienced that way.

Indian River 24 (Vero Beach)
Town Square 18 (Las Vegas)
Westgate 20 (Phoenix)
Woodlands 20 (Tampa)
Disney 24 (Orando)
Orange Park 24 (Jacksonville)
Foothills 15 (Tuscon)
Hampton 24 (Norfolk)
Mission Valley 20 (San Diego)
Grapevine 30 (Dallas)
Ontario 30 (LA)
Sunset 24 (Miami)