New & Improved Web Site

Posted on Oct 5, 2012

Welcome to the new and improved Michael Bay Dot Com!

As you can see there have been some cosmetic and structural changes.

A little bit of  backstory from my end. For the past six years or so the web site was maintain using Rapidweaver—which was so awesome—but after a while, this site grew too big. Updates where taking a bit longer than usual due the fact that each time there was some sort of a change—and depending which kind of change—it would sometimes take up to ten minutes to update the entire web site. Even though there are thousand of files, it might not seem much, but it’s an eternity in web site maintenance. The site is now based and structured on Word Press.

What this all means for you:

  • Faster loading pages
  • Integrated search mechanism for searching on Michael Bay Dot Com
  • Multiple language support (just scroll top the bottom lower left of the page and select you language)
  • Responsive-width layout optimized for viewing on your iPhone, Ipad, and other smart phone/tablets
  • Integrated social media buttons so you can share pages, pic, videos, and news on sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr, Google+, Tumblr, & Reddit

In the next couple of days we’ll be adding more to the web site. Questions, feedback or comments, please visit our forums.

Thank you for your patience.