I Hate It How Writers Get It Wrong

Posted on Jul 19, 2011

I really do hate how writers get it wrong. They write as if they were there every day, every hour, for two years of production. David Cohen’s 3D story for Variety, missed the mark. I often ask my what is the point in talking to writer’s because they just want to print their own reality of the truth.

David didn’t print the whole story from me, or my team, which makes a deceiving portrait of the truth. He got the conversion percentages wrong. And more importantly missed the true point of what the story should have been. The world was asking for a good 3D experience. How you could seamlessly blend Native to converted. Transformers 3D stands on it own, and we feel proud we delivered.

David wasn’t interested into how Transformers revolutionized the conversion process in it’s approach, and technique. He thought he would bore readers by forgetting to mention the massive complexity of the hundreds of layers, and the full year we had our two conversion companies working on some of the shots. We did think way different, and outside the box.

He could’ve made an educational article where directors and producers could’ve learned about new conversion techniques and the innovative ways to approach the process. But instead it was a lame attempt to say we fibbed to the audience.

I always thought Variety was a film trade magazine?