Transformers Dark of The Moon Poster Giveaway

Posted on Jun 15, 2011

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We are giving away three (3) Dark Of The Moon movie posters. To enter, send your name and email to the webmaster.

Contest is global and ends Wednesday, June 22, 2011.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: ‘Transformers’ Director Michael Bay Is ‘A Laugh’

Posted on Jun 9, 2011

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley , Josh and Patrick Dempsey on working with Michael Bay:

We put that very question not just to Rosie but also to her “Dark of the Moon” co-stars when we met up with them on the red carpet at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. If you were expecting to hear some juicy gossip about friction between the two, however, prepare to be disappointed: Rosie says that Bay’s work ethic was very much in line with her own.

“I met Michael Bay back in 2009 on a Victoria’s Secret commercial, and we’ve always gotten along,” she said. “The guy has a great sense of humor, he has a really tough work ethic, which I do. He works really hard, and he expects his team and his cast to be professional and work hard. That’s been my work ethic all along, so we get along fine.”

When we spoke with franchise veteran Josh Duhamel, who’s played special operative Lennox throughout all three “Transformers” films, he said that Rosie’s work on “Dark of the Moon” was especially impressive as far as big screen debuts go.

“They got along great. Rosie has a great attitude. She’s a very bright girl,” he said. “And she’s surprisingly good in this film. Who knew? Talk about pressure, your first job, to come on to such a large movie. The pressure was tremendous and she did a great job. She’s funny in it. The connection between her and Shia feels very real. I was really proud of her.”

Newcomer Patrick Dempsey weighed in on the overall dynamic between Bay and his actors on the set, admitting that the “Transformers” mastermind is “very demanding” — and that’s a good thing.

“He wants what he wants and you have to be on it,” said Dempsey. “That’s how he works. I loved working with him. I didn’t have any problems with him and I don’t think [Rosie] did either. He’s demanding. He’s fun, though. Look at the outcome. He’s phenomenal. He’s a great filmmaker.”

“He’s a laugh,” added Rosie. “And I love doing the stunts. I think he really respected a girl who can get her hands dirty! We had a lot of fun filming.”

Read the entire article at MTV.

Source: MTV

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