HitFix: Michael Bay Delivers The Best Action Of His Career To Close The Trilogy

Posted on Jun 27, 2011


From HitFix:

The Decepticons are way nastier in this one, and so when Optimus Prime and the Autobots unleash hell… AND THEY DO… it is so deserved and so worthy of one cheer after another that it almost becomes audience participation.

I’ve seen the film in a regular 3D theater, and in an IMAX presentation, and they are very different experiences. In the regular 3D theater, the FX work looks pretty much flawless, and you can take in the entire widescreen frame at once. In the IMAX theater, you can see every single seam in the work (there aren’t many), but you can also get totally lost in the frame. It’s a great way to really look at the details of what ILM and Digital Domain did, and I cant say I’ve ever really felt a sound mix more viscerally. But if you’re considering sitting this out for a 2D version, don’t. Really. This is a meticulously designed 3D experience, and Bay impresses often and in a real-world setting that makes this more surreal than “Avatar” in many ways. It’s so strange to see a city as recognizable as Chicago take this sort of beating, and it’s a reminder that many movies try to find cheap and generic solutions to their third acts, something you can’t accuse this one of doing.

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