The Sun UK Review

Posted on Jun 26, 2011

The first movie was great but the sequel, with it’s ridiculous robot heaven, was not. A disappointing sequel? No surprise there. What was surprising was both star Shia LeBeouf and director Michael Bay admitting afterwards that they “dropped the ball” and promising to make amends with part 3. Well time heals all wounds – and two years on they’ve seriously made amends.

This is epic in every sense of the word. The scale, the action even the humor have been raised to a level that surpasses not just the sequel but the first film too, without doubt they saved the best till last.

An opening battle on the robots home planet of Cybertron shows off the most impressive 3D since Avatar – this was actually filmed in 3D, not another rip-off conversion – and brings back happy memories of Star Wars as a spaceship darts down tunnels of what is basically the Death Star.

Soon we’re back in the present day where Sam (LeBeouf – on funny form) is shacked up with new girlfriend Carly (Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley). It’s the stunning Victoria’s Secret model who replaces Megan Fox as the love interest after the star was famously fired for comparing Michael Bay to Hitler. Fox’s old character is referenced just once when a robot announces, “She was mean. I didn’t like her”.

If you like your action BIG, then this is the must see movie of the summer. While part 2 got caught up in mystical nonsense, here the plot is simple, Autobots vs. Decepticons for control of earth. With that in mind, Michael Bay returns to his favorite stomping ground of the freeway chase – and outdoes both his own Bad Boys 2 and The Island – before settling into the hour-long action-apocalypse of a climax.

As the robots – including a giant metal robo-snake that crushes skyscrapers- lay waste to Chicago, the film comes good on it’s promise of a human body count. Entire crowds of people are vaporized -War of the Worlds style – by killer flying machines, it’s basically what the last two Terminator movies should have been. Also adding to the darker tone is the fact that now the Transformers themselves ‘bleed’ when injured, shooting out a red liquid (Engine oil? Brake Fluid?). There’s no disguising it: this is spectacular.