Michael Bay Talks DOTM

Posted on Jun 24, 2011

Michael Bay speaks to the Orange County Register:

A. We have finally reached the stage where you can do anything you can think of. You can make anything believable. And the 3-D really elevates this movie.

Q. There are studio types who insist that this film could single-handedly revitalize the entire 3-D field.

A. Listen, there are a lot of movies that have done it very poorly. They abused the technology, and it’s a shame. We have devoted a ton of money and a ton of time to make a very good 3-D movie. The entire movie was designed as a 3-D movie. It wasn’t an after-thought. People who believe that action is bad in 3-D are 100 percent wrong when the 3-D is done correctly.

Q. How can we tell when it’s done correctly?

A. We actually can guide your eye to the action. You can see and feel more in 3-D. I like when the robots are in your space. Not every movie should be 3-D, but the size difference between the humans and robots makes it more effective.

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