Make Your Movie for a Chance to Win $25,000 Grand Prize as Chosen by Michael Bay

Posted on Oct 13, 2010

As part of the new “Epic Mini Movies” advertising campaign featuring the Samsung Epic(TM) 4G smartphone,Sprint (NYSE:S) today launched a new element of the campaign – a national contest that encourages consumers to submit their own Epic Mini Movie moments for a chance to win $25,000.

With this contest, consumers can be the director, producer and star of their own mini movie of epic proportions. To enter the contest, videos up to 30 seconds in length should be uploaded at Fans will select the top-10 finalists by voting online for their favorite video, and the winner will be chosen from the top 10 as judged by acclaimed movie director Michael Bay, who directed box-office hits Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Iraq and Bad Boys I and II. In addition to the $25,000 grand prize, the top 10-finalists will receive free movie tickets for a year from Fandango. Videos must be uploaded by 11:59 a.m. PDT on Nov. 1, and voting begins Nov. 2. For more information and contest rules, visit See official rules for details.

‘Transformers 3’ Star John Malkovich Calls Michael Bay ‘Delightful’

Posted on Oct 5, 2010

From MTV:

Shia LaBeouf gives this advice to an actor working for the first time with fiery director Michael Bay: “You can only do so much. Fight or flight. A tap on the back and a ‘Good luck!’ “

LaBeouf’s “Transformers 3” co-star John Malkovich — himself an intensely focused pro — needed no such well-wishes. Although it might seem like a collaboration between Bay and Malkovich would be ripe for an on-set conflagration, no such thing took place. In fact, the actor offered effusive praise for Bay during a recent interview with MTV News.

“I found Michael delightful,” he told us. “I found him fun, filled with ideas, many of them different than the take before, which I’m perfectly used to because that’s how I work anyway. I found his reputation, at least in my case, my experience, utterly unwarranted. But what do I know? Maybe he’s changed.”

Malkovich is no stranger to studio-driven action sets — he starred in “Con Air” and the upcoming “Red” — and noted how stressful it is for a director to manage a massive production with so many moving parts. He compared his role on the film, in which he plays LaBeouf’s cruel boss, to that of a relief pitcher in baseball.

“You also have to try and give them some relief from the stress of doing that every day, all day long, 14, 15 hours a day for months,” he explained. “I think with all the pre-planning and all the pre-production and all the storyboards and all the meetings, [Bay is] a filmmaker, so the film is really in his head. I think there are two kinds of people, then, who show up to work, whether they be actors or people on the crew: Either you’re trying to help him define and communicate what’s in his head, or you’re not — or you’re just there eating craft services.”

Bay reciprocated that creative respect and support to his cast, Malkovich said, including first-time actor — and Megan Fox replacement — Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. “I thought he was very good with [Rosie], very patient, very pleasant and helpful,” he said. “For her, that’s a strain, if you’ve never done that before.”

They Screwed With the Wrong Guy

Posted on Oct 5, 2010

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Ventura County lawyer has learned that you don’t screw around with Michael Bay.

Six weeks after including the “Transformers” director as a defendant in a pistol-whipping battery lawsuit stemming from a fight at a Hollywood club, attorney Christine Renshaw of Renshaw & Associates has put her tail between her legs, dismissed the case against Bay and issued a written apology to him.

“On behalf of our clients and our firm, we sincerely apologize to Michael Bay for his inclusion as a defendant in a lawsuit that was recently filed on behalf of our clients Joshua James Stewart and Paul Klimczak arising from an incident at the Kiss Nightclub,” according to the statement given to TMZ.

“Mr. Bay was not at the Kiss Nightclub on the night of the events in question, and he had nothing to do with the alleged incident. We are satisfied that, contrary to the allegations in the lawsuit, the man involved in the altercation and identified as “Doe #1″ was not Mr. Bay’s employee or private security guard.”

You can read the apology here.

Shuttle Discovery May Star in Transformers 3 Movie

Posted on Oct 4, 2010

From the SpaceflightDot Com web site:

The veteran orbiter is also enjoying a weekend at the movies, as filming of Transformers 3 picks up at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

Scenes are expected to be shot at Pad 39A on Wednesday – understood to be timed with Discovery being on show with the RSS retracted, meaning the Shuttle may gain herself some credits in the movie.

Hundreds of extras have received security clearance to be in the grounds of KSC during the filming, while Cape Canaveral sources noted Atlas and Delta resources will also be involved in some scenes. Director Michael Bay had previously filmed at KSC during the making of Armageddon – which involved scenes with Atlantis and Endeavour.