Transformers 3 to Bring $20 million & 200 Jobs to Chicago; Mayor Daley Welcomes ‘Bayhem’ of Transformers Movie

Posted on Jun 17, 2010


From the Chicago Sun-TImes:

“Transformers 3” — the sci-fi action thriller filming in Chicago this summer — will pump $20 million into the local economy and create 200 jobs, including ten internships for inner-city students, Mayor Daley said today.

“Transformers 3” is certain to include even more scenes of death and destruction on the streets of Chicago.

“You’re gonna see a little bit of mayhem. You know, I mean it wouldn’t be ‘Transformers’ without it,” Di Bonaventura said.

“Hopefully, it’ll be fun. What we find is, people really end up enjoying the spectacle of what we’re doing.”

From the Chicago Tribune:

When asked about the potential for “mayhem,” Daley said it was being created in the name of art with all manner of safety precautions. He also asked “everyone for our understanding” when the filming leads to “street closures or other potential problems.”

Daley said the film and TV industry “is a growing part of our economic development strategy . . . because movies and TV shows made in and about Chicago showcase our city to the world, create excitement about it and create jobs for our residents.”

Di Bonaventura said they were still selecting specific sites to film, but would “be shooting a lot in downtown.”

The jobs generated by the Transformers project will include 10 internships for South and West side high school students.

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