Armageddon Now on Blu-ray

Posted on Apr 27, 2010

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Michael Bay Meets TV

Posted on Apr 15, 2010

Director Michael Bay is making his first entry into unscripted television, teaming with “Top Chef” producers Magical Elves to produce “One Way Out.”

In the series, contestants from all walks of life are pitted against each other in extreme competitions in hostile new environments. Bay, the bombastic director of “Transformers,” “Armageddon” and other hits, promises “a game with no rules” that “remains true to the filmmaker’s signature style.”

“For my first television project I wanted to do something that had never been done before, and I believe that ‘One Way Out’ accomplishes that,” Bay said. “Combining unique twists, death-defying challenges, and stunning visuals, we are reinventing the genre, showing just how far people will go when they are stripped of their bare necessities and forced to do whatever it takes to survive.”

Source: THR

Regarding Rosemary’s Baby…

Posted on Apr 9, 2010

Nelson here…

There have been recent rumors made up for the sake of generating news. One of them being that Michael Bay’s production company is remaking “Rosemary’s Baby” and/or “The Birds.”

Michael has addressed the rumors in the forums:

“No just a bad rumor. Not true at all. The same can be said for the Birds – we never considered that remake for Platinum Dunes.”

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