Bay And Westerns

Posted on May 6, 2009

Nelson here…

MTV recently spoke to Bay about other film ambitions:

<em>“I love cowboys,” explained the director of this summer’s big-budget bonanza “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” when we spoke with him recently. “I love Westerns.”</em>

“ I love, love, love Westerns; love them,” he insisted. “I’ve just always been a huge fan of Western movies. I actually wrote a senior thesis on Western movies.”

The mind reels when one considers what Michael Bay’s take on the genre might yield. Exploding horses? Stagecoaches that transform into killer robots? But while he might be keeping his eyes out for a good script, the director told us that he doesn’t have anything in mind just yet.

“No,” he admitted, only insisting that he hopes to make his Western someday. “I do like horses. <em><a href=”″ rel=”self”>That was the saddest Kentucky Derby I’ve ever seen last year</a></em><em>.”</em>

Source: <a href=”” rel=”self”>MTV</a>