Michael Bay Speaks To The Transformers Collectors’ Club

Posted on Feb 24, 2009

Rick Alvarez: How did making this film compare to the first? How did the fans reaction to the first film change what you did in the second film?

Michael Bay: The fans are very vocal and we listened. I worked very closely with the writers in order to dive more deeply into the mythology. We really looked for elements that have never been explored and we discovered some story lines that we wanted to elaborate. This is a coming of age story for Sam but we also wanted to delve much deeper into the personalities of the robots. There is much, much more robot interaction in this film. This film has many more personal moments but will also appeal to the hardcore fans as it can be wicked at times.

RA: Special effects software and camera technology have made advancements since the first film. How has this empowered you to further realize your vision for Revenge?

MB: The developments in technology have allowed us to have the robots show emotion. This is a robot movie and this new technology allows us to explore a greater depth of personality from these characters.

RA: No other director has the kind of relationship that you have developed with the US Military. What piece of hardware did you get access to that are you most excited about for this coming film?

MB: It’s like I have a direct line to the Pentagon. This is the first movie where actual F16’s have made a bombing run on a movie set and coordinated with special effects explosions. We were on a working nuclear submarine and working aircraft carrier. The military loved the first movie. It really helped with recruiting and promoting a positive image for them. Now they are happy to do just about anything they can for my films. We also found out that in Afghanistan the Buffalo(s) (Bonecrusher vehicle from the first movie) have all been nicknamed different Transformers characters by their personnel. We also worked with tanks firing real rounds and you have not lived until you have heard an actual tank firing. We have so much access – I am appreciative and excited about all the military vehicles we use.

RA: Filming at the pyramids must have been amazing! What were the greatest challenges you faced?

MB: This is the first time in 30 years that anyone has filmed at the pyramids and the first time ever anyone has filmed from the top of Petra. Steven filmed Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade from the base of Petra. It took 21 very heavy helicopter loads to get all our gear to the top. We had all the access we wanted in Egypt as we found out that the head of Egyptian Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawass is a big Transformers fan and was very helpful. We also filmed in the desert where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed. Very challenging conditions.

RA: We know you love to blow things up in your movies, what is your favorite thing to blow up or demolish?

MB: Well, I don’t have a favorite, as I like to blow up a lot of things. The most expensive thing I’ve blown us was a $50 million dollar house that no one would buy in Bad Boys II.

RA: Is there anything else you would like to tell the fans about this great new movie?

MB: Fans should know that I really want to satisfy them by making an even better movie than the first one. Tonight was just a taste of what is to come. Not a scene shown was a “money shot” from the film. I really want to keep them a secret to give everyone a great surprise this summer. Oh yes, and all the previews you have seen so far, you won’t get a bit of the final story from the trailers. The final movie will be so much more than what you “think” you have seen in the previews.

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Michael Bay Handpicked ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ Concept Cars

Posted on Feb 24, 2009

Last week, GM rolled out its brand new Camaro and Corvette Stingray designs that are going to double as Autobots for Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

As it turns out, Michael Bay personally selected concepts from GM’s design studio for the new film — a process that allowed him intimate access to some of GM’s most closely guarded plans. And that privilege was granted as a direct result of the trust he built with the company during his first “Transformers” installment.

“With the first movie, there wasn’t a whole lot of dialogue back and forth between Michael Bay and myself,” GM Vice President of Global Design Ed Wellburn told MTV News, reflecting on how GM’s relationship with Bay began. “We were building the concept in secret we didn’t want anyone to know, and he was building the movie in secret. He was looking for something special from us, and we showed him a couple of cars.”

The new Camaro, which Bay used for the Autobot Bumblebee, was one of the first tests of how much he could be trusted.

“I didn’t want to share with him Camaro unless he told me more about the movie,” Wellburn said. “There was a little negotiating, and then there it was.” The success of the Camaro’s appearance, which helped GM by raising awareness of the newly redesigned car, literally opened some big doors for Bay in “Revenge of the Fallen.”

“When it comes to the sequel, it was different because the relationship had built quite a bit,” Wellburn explained. “Michael came to Detroit, and he and I just walked the studios. He was looking for one, maybe two new vehicles. He came here, and he pretty much had it in his head what the sequel would be. I’ll never forget it. One third of the way through the tour he said, ‘I need a notepad. There are just too many designs that we may want to use in the movie.’”

Some models, like the Beat and Trax, which will appear as the Autobots Skids and Mudflap for “Revenge of the Fallen,” even affected how the characters functioned.

“That day that he visited us and walked the halls of the studios, the movie developed and in some ways changed,” he revealed. “[Bay] was inspired by things like the two small cars that maybe could work together in some way. That’s all I can say right now.”

Source: MTV

Revenge of the Fallen Teaser in HD

Posted on Feb 16, 2009

‘Friday the 19th’ rakes in $42 million

Posted on Feb 16, 2009

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to watch college kids get slaughtered in a remake of ” Friday the 13th “?

The revival of the venerable slasher franchise easily took the No. 1 spot at the North American box office this weekend, setting a new record for a horror opening with estimated sales of $42.2 million, distributor Warner Bros . Pictures said on Sunday.

The old mark was held by ” The Grudge ” with a $39 million debut in 2004. That film had a less-restrictive PG-13 rating, while the R rating for “Friday the 13th” ostensibly prevented fans under age 17 from buying tickets unless accompanied by an adult.

The new film is essentially a remake of the 1980 film that kicked off the horror series and eventually introduced a hockey-masked villain named Jason. His most recent appearance, in 2003’s “Freddy vs. Jason,” generated a $36.4 million opening.

Warner Bros., a unit of Time Warner Inc , predicted “Friday the 13th” would end up in the $48 million range once sales for the U.S. Presidents Day holiday on Monday were calculated.

The film was directed by German filmmaker Marcus Nispel , who shot the hit 2004 retread of ” The Texas Chainsaw Massacre .” Both films were produced by “Transformers” director Michael Bay , whose Platinum Dunes banner specializes in low-budget horror remakes.

Source: Yahoo Movies

Transformers ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ HD trailers at Apple

Posted on Feb 3, 2009

Nelson here…

After about 500,000 downloads of the TF2 teaser, the server went down as there were too many simultaneous connections, hence the disappearance of the HD Quicktime trailers from the main page.

You can now download the HD trailers at Apple’s Quicktime site.