Science Meets Michael Bay

Posted on Sep 8, 2008

Remember when Armageddon was criticized by fanboys and wannabe scientist for it’s over-the-top inaccuracies?

Meet Mary D’Souza from the University of Quuensland School of Engineering.

She is a PH.D student from Australia who won an international prize for her ingeniuos plan to prevent an asteroid from hitting Planet Earth.

Her solution: cover Apophis—a small planet that’s expected to pass close to Earth—in a Mylar sheet.

Just in case you forgot, one of the scientists in Armageddon suggest using Mylar to possibly have solar radiation push the asteroid of it’s path.

“Some of us have got this idea: We want to land a craft, deploy solar sails. You’ll have a great big canopy. Solar winds will be caught by these mylar sails!”

Source: The Register