Haute Living Magazine: Behind the Camera

Posted on Sep 7, 2008

Here’s a snippet from an article on Michael Bay featured in Haute Living magazine.

He is only in Miami for one week, so his dogs-bullmastiffs named for characters in his films-are not with him this trip. The pampered dogs generally travel everywhere with the star director, and even have their own chauffeur to take them from Bay’s Los Angeles home to his office, but given the short duration of this trip, they wait faithfully for him in L.A. But he explains that they generally love his house on shining Miami waterways and do their best to defend it. The dogs (larger than life, just like the action in his films) take full advantage of the secluded backyard, which borders Biscayne Bay. “If someone comes cruising up to the house on their boat or Jet Ski or whatever, they go bounding over to the water, big barks, big commotion!” Bay laughs. It’s a scene straight from a movie. Picture it: Hogan fans, not aware that the fallen family has moved from their infamous Miami Beach home, rent some Jet Skis and try to glide up to catch a glimpse of the spandex-clad Hulkster. Two dogs, weighing in at 150 pounds, emerge from behind the cabana, barking, snarling, effectively scaring the would-be snoopers away with a start.

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