Transformers Wins 4 Awards At The VES

Posted on Feb 12, 2008

Click here to view the complete list of winners at the Visual Effects Society awards.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

“Transformers” on Sunday won four Visual Effects Society Awards, including the top prize for outstanding visual effects in a visual effects-driven film.

In addition to the top award, “Transformers” won trophies for single visual effect of the year, for its desert highway sequence; models and miniatures; and compositing. Collecting the top prize were Scott Farrar, Shari Hanson, Russell Earl and Scott Benza.

Visual Effects in a Visual Effects Driven Motion Picture

Scott Farrar
Shari Hanson
Russell Earl
Scott Benza

Best Single Visual Effect of the Year

“Transformers” (Desert highway sequence)
Scott Farrar
Shari Hanson
Shawn Kelly
Michael Jamieson

Models or Miniatures in a Motion Picture

Dave Fogler
Ron Woodall
Alex Jaeger
Brian Gernand

Compositing in a Motion Picture

Pat Tubach
Beth D’Amato
Todd Vaziri
Mike Conte