Bay: Transformers DVD Could Have Been Better…

Posted on Oct 23, 2007

By Mike Snider, USA TODAY

Most directors diplomatically go to bat for DVDs of their films. Filmmaker Michael Bay (Armageddon, Bad Boys, The Rock) is just as likely to drop verbal bombs while talking about his DVDs as when he is directing.
Bay’s take on the new Transformers DVD, which has sold 8.3 million copies since its release last week: “It’s a good DVD. But not as good as it could have been,” he says. That sales total made Transformers the year’s fastest-selling DVD in North America, according to Paramount Home Entertainment.

Despite setting a record, Bay, 42, says a hectic studio schedule prevented him from being as personally involved in the DVD as he was back in the days of Pearl Harbor. His 2002 four-disc director’s cut of that film set the standard for buffed-up special editions.

“I was traveling promoting (Transformers) while they were doing the DVD,” he says. “You try to guide people as to what to do (in making it), but ultimately if you rush your date, you are not going to get the DVD as good as it could be. … Studios want to pump this stuff out, and my job is to care about it and try to put the right people on it. They just see it as a show they are selling, and I see it as a movie. That’s how your movie lives on, in the DVD format.”

An aspect of the DVD that Bay says he personally fought for was having the film be on a disc by itself, with just a commentary. He won that battle in the $20 single-disc version that hit shelves last week along with a deluxe, two-disc $40 version.