Michael Bay’s Transformers: $246.1 Million Worldwide

Posted on Jul 8, 2007


  • Biggest first-week gross ever for a non-sequel (beating Spider-Man’s $151.6 mil)
  • A global box office total of $246.1 mil, when you add in the $93.6 mil Transformers earned in 23 other countries
  • Biggest Tuesday gross ever ($27.9 mil), as well as the third-best Wednesday ($29.1 mil) and fifth-best Thursday ($19.2 mil)
  • A super-solid $16,854 per-theater average in 4,011 venues
  • A resounding CinemaScore rave of A from an audience that was two-thirds male but evenly split between young folk and old
  • A 93% positive rating at the exit polls