Bad Toys, Bad Toys, Whatcha Gonna Do…

Posted on Jul 3, 2007

“Talk about getting your money’s worth. There is so much action packed into every second of “Transformers” that by the time it’s over, you may be tempted to go outside and give the box office another 10 bucks.” – NY

“Transformers has some of the best action sequences you’ll see all summer.” – Washington Post

“You’ll find yourself rooting for computer-generated robots that magically transform into cars, trucks and fighter planes. It’s selling the movie short to say the special effects are amazing — they are out of this world.” – Arizona Republic

“The most surprising thing about Michael Bay’s much-anticipated, blockbuster-bound Transformers is how funny the movie is.” – Miami Herald

“It’s the transformation of robots that will blow your mind … Add that to the eye-popping robot smackdowns and good old fashioned car chases, and you have a movie that is going to get your blood pumping and your heartbeat racing…” –

“…The acting is sharp, and it features some of the most spectacular action and effects sequences of any movie of its kind.” – USA Today

“If it’s true that there’s an 8-year-old boy inside every man, Transformers is just the ticket to bring the kid out.” – Variety

“Bay and an army of visual designers have successfully re-imagined a photorealistic world in which these Titans can believably clash.” – The Hollywood Reporter