Wired Magazine: ‘subgenre known simply as “Michael Bay”‘

Posted on Jun 22, 2007


Nelson here…

The July 2007 Wired Magazine feature Optimus Prime on the cover and an article on the Transformers film. It’s a very good and entertaining read.

Among the quotes:

“I knew there were fans….I didn’t know there were people who’d hunt you down. I urge them to watch the 1986 animated movie, go watch the cartoon. You’ll want to shoot yourself.”

“Then there’s the matter of matter. Bays says that weight-mass orthodoxy informed the decision to make Prime a hog-nosed semi instead of the flat-front model from the cartoon, which he says, would have yielded only a 23 feet of robot height. (He wanted Prime to stand at least 30 feet tall.)”

“Physics also informed the decision to make Megatron, originally a pistol, into a jet…”

“But other alterations were simply Bay’s prerogative. Optimus Prime now boast bright orange cholo flames and–much to fans’ horror–lips. ‘I’m the director. I make my own decisions. I like to paint the house green, even when everyone says it’s got to be white.”