Transformer tidbits from Michael Bay

Posted on Aug 18, 2006

Nelson here…

I just barely caught Michael in between takes. Among the things he mentioned:

1- They will be releasing more teaser posters in the coming months.

2- Paramount made studies and concluded that the TF “ANNOUNCEMENT” was the 2nd highest rated “teaser” this summer.

3.- They just finished shooting a lot of Pentagon interiors on a soundstage in scenes that involved many Chiefs of staff in their huge war room.

4.- Shia just was recently suspended over the edge of a 20 story building in a very dynamic and intense scene.

5.- The average transformation time from normal mode to alt mode and vice versa is about 3 to 4 seconds.

6.- The leaked pictures are legit (although a somewhat early rendering).

7.- Filming of massive chase scenes will begin in the following weeks.

8.- The CGI transformations by ILM are looking wicked and nastier every single day.

9.- Part 1 will be about why the transformers came to earth.

10.- This movie will be a new start for the live action franchise that will not be based on any particular TF TV series and/or comic book.

And last but certainly not least, the Autobots are:

Optimus Prime: idealistic view of humanity.
Bumblebee: underdog, spy, most “connected” to humans
Jazz: style, loyal, eager, contemporary
Ratchet: new form, medical officer, science officer. Emergency vehicle.
Ironhide: tough, tough stare, first in battle, classic cowboy, gritty. Optimus’ oldest friend.

Decepticons are:

Megatron: survival of the fittest, social darwinism, less idealistic view of humanity. Sees himself as advanced, sees humans as lower.
Starscream: seems faithful but plotting, “we will see a lot of that dynamic,” explains why he does not push it, waits for his opportunity.
Brawl: eager for battle, jumps in. From non-G1 character, experimental, but will be in sequels. First disguised non-flyer.
Bonecrusher: closest to constructicon but not giving away mode. Hates other cons except Megatron. Doesn’t want friends.
Barricade: scout, hunter, lures into trap.
Scorponok: closest to Beast Wars, fitted to environment.
Frenzy: “had some evolution for us,” started off as Soundwave but had contradictions and changed to stay truer to G1. Smaller, able to infiltrate. Stealth spy, can hide anywhere.
Blackout: comes in, takes out fighting ability, sends EMP, first-tier attack, transporter, biggest vehicle.

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Michael Bay & Transformers on MTV

Posted on Aug 8, 2006

Thanks to Andreas.

View clip.