Note From Michael Bay

Posted on Feb 18, 2006

The prep for the movie is going well. The military looks like it is going to support the film which is a big deal in giving the movie scope and credibility. The Pentagon has always been great with me because I make our military look good.

All the posts and talk about the original voices — could we just let it rest for a while? I heard everyone, I’m thinking about it. We are reinventing how the robots look, transform and move – Remember these are the most realistic Transformers you will have ever seen. They have to fit completely into the human world to make this live action film credible. I have shown the animatics and some of the hundreds of drawings – TO THE MOST RELIGIOUS OF FANS – they tell me they are “mind-blowing” and “take it to a level they never considered” – I guess that’s good? Time will tell.

Believe me I respect the fans. But I just want you to give me a chance because I’m working with some really talented artists to create this vision. But it is a vision that allows for growth, change, improvement and surprises. Looking back at the history of Transformers, remember there has been tons of change and improvements over the years.

I’m working on third act action, and if you could – what would you imagine for great robot action?

Talk to you soon,

All the best, Michael

Shooting for Transformers Begins On The End Of May For A Release Date Of July 4, 2007.

Posted on Feb 5, 2006

Shooting for Transformers begins on the end of May for a release date of July 4, 2007.