New Line Catches ‘Chainsaw’ Buzz

Posted on Mar 9, 2002

New Line has picked up the rights to Michael Bay’s remake of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


New Line Catches ‘Chainsaw’ Buzz

By Charles Lyons

NEW YORK (Variety) – New Line Cinema is shelling out $5 million-$7 million for North American and Italian rights to a toned-down, modern refiguring of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

New Line co-CEO Bob Shaye said the picture would be “an original, fresh and thrilling post-modern” take on the 1974 cult classic. In the new picture, he noted, blood-letting will be kept to a minimum, particularly since producer Michael Bay is active on a director committee against violence.

Studio production president Toby Emmerich added: “My sense from Bay is that he will not so much look at the previous ‘Chainsaw’ movies as look back to the original, real stories that informed it.”

Writer/director Tobe Hooper’s “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” helped spawn an entire genre of B slasher pics. When a dozen graves are violated in a rural Texas cemetery, five twentysomethings investigate. En route they discover a family of grave robbers, led by a vicious, saw-wielding butcher.

Shooting is expected to begin this summer with a budget between $13 million and $19 million.

Sony’s Screen Gems, Paramount Pictures and Dimension Films also pursued “Massacre,” but not as aggressively as New Line. Bay clinched the New Line deal after screening a one-minute promo for the picture. The picture has already lined up distribution deals in such countries as Spain, Britain, Germany and Japan.