“I Am Legend”

Posted on Nov 19, 2001

AICN has reportedly said that Michael will direct “I Am Legend.” At this point, nothing is set. Michael might or might not direct the Richard Matheson novel. I’ll keep you guys posted.

The Art of DVD Talk Movies

Posted on Nov 15, 2001

Got this article of the LA Times. Great article. It gives you a glimpse into the coming director’s commentary for Pearl Harbor.

New web site and stuff

Posted on Nov 14, 2001

So you ask: where is the new f*cking website!?

And I say: “it’s on it’s way!” I’ve decided to keep this one until the new one is totally ready. One day you’ll wake up and you’ll see the new one.

We have a lot of good stuff that’s going to be happening around here. Among them:

-Michael will be joining us for chats. He will also be posting on the messageboards.

-We will be auction autographed Pearl Harbor DVDs before 12-04-01. Proceeds will go to charity.

So keep your eyes open. Here are some news I got about Michael’s “Platinum Dunes.”

Field backs Bay to go Platinum on low budgets

Filmmaker Michael Bay has branched out to create a low-budget genre film division titled Platinum Dunes, which will be financed by Ted Field’s Radar Pictures. The company, named after Bay’s first student film, will be run by producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. It aims to produce films in the $5 million-$12 million range and is eyeing projects with plans to be in production on its inaugural feature within the next six months. Platinum’s offices are housed temporarily at Radar’s offices in Westwood. Bay said that his company met with numerous potential investors during the past six months before narrowing it down to a small group of candidates. “Ted was insistent on us doing a deal,” Bay told The Hollywood Reporter. “I met him through dinner parties, and I like the way his mind works. He’s smart, he’s politically active, he works very hard — and I respect that. I also consider him a friend, and I love doing business with friends.” Fuller and Form also are longtime friends of Bay. Platinum marks a change of pace for Bay, who built a name for himself as a big-budget film director on such projects as “Bad Boys,” “The Rock,” “Armageddon” and the recent “Pearl Harbor.” “Since ‘Pearl Harbor,’ I’ve decided to change things up,” Bay said. “I’ve started a commercial division this past summer called — and we’re making fun of ourselves with the name — the Institute for Development of the Advanced Perceptual Awareness. I’m 37 years old, and it’s time to not just be the guy who does huge movies. I want to branch out, expand, and with this low-budget division, be instrumental in the careers of younger directors.”