Will Michael Bay direct “Red Dragon?”

Posted on May 18, 2001

Well… there are some rumors going around that Michael might direct “Red Dragon,” which is the third installment to the Hannibal Lecter trilogy.

Turns out that indeed Michael Bay has taken a meeting and read the script for Ted Tally’s RED DRAGON. However, no negotiations are going on between Dino DeLaurentis and Michael because as of yet, Michael has not decided if he wants to do this film. Michael has GORY DETAILS and that King Arthur project on his plate at the moment, and might want to do those first, which would mean passing on RED DRAGON… but as of yet he hasn’t decided. (Courtesy of AICN)

Bay chat on Yahoo.com

Posted on May 17, 2001

I asked Michael about the falling bomb shot (whether it was all CGI or a composite, and man, are we in for a ride), and this is what he had to say:

Michael: Let me say that we have about 30 of those shots. There is stuff no one has seen on any trailer or any commercial. That shot…it’s great, but we have ones that are much better. And yes, it was shot from a helicopter at different altitudes We melded the film together, and those were digital battleships.

Chat for a special video interview and live chat with Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay. Watch the live webcast from the deck of the USS Stennis and then stick around as Jerry and Michael answer your questions about this summer’s biggest blockbuster!

Click here to access the chat!

The press junket for “Pearl Harbor” took place in Honolulu over the weekend, with the cast and crew, including Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsdale, Jon Voight, Michael Bay, and Jerry Bruckheimer in attendance, to talk about next week’s release of the anticipated “Pearl Harbor” film. These audio clips are in MP3 format.

Ben Affleck on Filming ‘Pearl Harbor’
Ben Affleck on Doing His Stunt Work
Alec Baldwin on the Importance of ‘Pearl Harbor’ Today
Josh Hartnett on the Scale of the Movie
Kate Beckinsdale on Michael Bay
Jon Voight on the Film’s Accuracy
Director Michael Bay on the Honor of Making ‘Pearl Harbor’
Jerry Bruckhemier on the Reality of Pearl Harbor
Jerry Bruckheimer on the Survivors of Pearl Harbor

(Courtesy of Cinecon.com)

Here is a THE high resolution trailer from Pearl Harbor. This is the 2nd trailer without the Zimmer music.

Pearl Harbor 2nd Trailer

SF Chronicle article

Posted on May 13, 2001

You can read an interview with Michael that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle. Click here to read it.

Faith Hill’s new Pearl Harbor song

Posted on May 10, 2001

Got the following from PearlHarborfilm.com:

“Some fans are claiming that the Pearl Harbor love song, sang by Faith Hill, has been released in the Los Angeles radio station, KIIS FM. Furthurmore, it has been reported that the song has “made the entire radio studio cry” after listening. Other reports are that the song is “extremely moving and emotional”. Also, you can catch the Michael Bay directed Faith Hill video a week from this Sunday on MTV!!”

Also, you can view the 3rd TV spot by clicking here (Thanks to the AICN crew).

Pearl Harbor soundtrack

Posted on May 10, 2001

You can read the lyrics for Faith Hill’s song for Pearl Harbor “There You’ll Be” by clicking here.

You can listen to a 1:20min mp3 of the song by clicking below.

There You’ll Be (1.3Mbs Mp3)

Newsweek: The Road to Pearl Harbor

Posted on May 6, 2001

You can read this Newsweek article entitled “The Road to Pearl Harbor” by clicking here.

Faith Hill Films Major Video for Pearl Harbor Tune

Posted on May 5, 2001

It seems Michael will be directing the music video for “Pearl Harbor.”

Got this from countrystars.com (what was i doing around here you may ask? Someone gave me the heads up. No really.) Some of the facts may be wrong on this article, but you get the picture.


Touchstone Films flew Faith Hill to an undisclosed location outside of Dallas, TX where yesterday she began filming the video for “There You’ll Be,” the first single from the “Pearl Harbor” movie soundtrack album (CD due out June 16.) The video is being directed by none other than “Pearl Harbor” film director, Michael Bay. The Diane Warren-penned song will presumably be released to multiple radio formats May 22, the week before the Memorial Day weekend national release of the predicted blockbuster movie. Faith’s only stipulation to filming the video this week, was that it had to wrap today so that she can return home to Nashville Saturday for daughter Gracie’s 5th birthday.

Pearl Harbor TV Spot

Posted on May 4, 2001

You can watch one of the new TV Spots for Pearl Harbor (courtesy of the guys at pearlharborfilm.com).

Click here to view it (Mpeg format).

Pearl harbor tidbits

Posted on May 3, 2001

Interested in seeing how Pearl Harbor is being marketed in Japan? Click here to view the Japanese Quicktime trailer (5.6Mbs).

“Pearl Harbor” promises guys all the action a war movie can pack into two hours and still include a love story for girls. The battle takes 40 minutes, about twice the screen time as the epic beach storming in Saving Private Ryan.”

The above quote is from an article entitled “Hollywood Sets Summer of Sequels And Big Bang Films.” Click here to read it.

24 days away

Posted on May 1, 2001

We’re 24 days away from Pearl Harbor hitting your local cine/megaplex, and as some of you know, Faith Hill will sing the film’s love song, “There You’ll Be.” We now have a list of the tracks for the Pearl Harbor soundtrack. CD Cover Art is similiar to the version “B” poster. Due for release by Warner Brothers Records and Hollywood Records on 5/22

1. “There You’ll Be” (Faith Hill)
2. Tennessee
3. Brothers
4. …And Then I Kissed Him
5. I Will Come Back
6. Attack
7. December 7th
8. War
9. Heart Of A Volunteer

-Score Composed by Hans Zimmer.
-Score Produced by Hans Zimmer and Bob Badami.
-Song Produced by Trevor Horn, Byron Gallimore, and Faith Hill.