Pearl Harbor Score snippets

Posted on Apr 25, 2001

You can listen to snippets of the Pearl Harbor score by clicking on the following links (You must have Flash player installed, you will get a black screen once you click the link, but the music will be playing so be sure to turn up your speakers). The music is breath-taking.

Track 01

Track 02

Track 03


Ok, we’re down to the wire. Pearl Harbor is less than a month away, and all the goodies are beginning to come in. Pearl Harbor : The Movie and the Moment is now available in book stores. I gotta tell you, its a wonderful book! Lots of cool pictures, and very insightful. Click here to buy it at

Also, my Swiss connection (Vincent Nicolas) has made these Pearl Harbor collages that you guys can use as wallpapers. They truly rock! The zips contains 800 & 1024 resolutions.

Download wallpaper zip (777kb)

Download wallpaper zip (1.7mbs)

Download blue wallpaper version zip (133kb)