The Poseidon Adventure & Marlon Brando rumors

Posted on Apr 4, 2001

Question: Is there any truth that Michael Bay will do his version of Paul Gallico’s The Poseidon Adventure?

Answer: No.

Corona’s Coming Attractions reported that Michael Bay is attached to this project. The report is untrue.

Question: Is there any truth that there is a secret 3rd disk on every on 1 of 300 copies of the Criterion Edition of The Rock?

Answer: No.

Here is Corona’s response to this whole mess.

Tuesday, April 3, 2001… Stolen scoops with no credit and no credibility — and just when you though there was some degree of common sense and courtesy on the internet, something happens that raises some questions.

Yesterday a scoop went up on Ananova announcing that Marlon Brando would play a part in the forthcoming Jerry Bruckheimer / Michael Bay film Pearl Harbor as officer Noel Kilty. Here is the full story, with no sources or credit given. But that’s okay, because we know exactly where it came from. It was part of an scoop ran on the April 1st edition of Test Pattern about a suspicious sounding third disc found in copies of Criterion’s The Rock DVD. We made it up, as part of the April Fools tradition here at Corona. Now, not only did the folks at Ananova take this scoop, post it as fact, not credit it or explain the details of how the information came out, but they almost created a widespread rumor based on a joke. And without that credit, or a link to show folks where the story came from, who is going to know it’s a joke? This, in fact, is what almost happened.

We got e-mail from our friends at C.H.U.D., who were doing their best to find some confirmation one way or the other on this story before they ran it. Now the folks at C.H.U.D. are not the fools, and had they known that the story originated on the April 1st edition of Test Pattern they would have chuckled and moved on without a doubt. But when another website runs just a small part of the same story, it begins to look like two different sources of the same information, and maybe that means there is some truth to it. Well, I’m here to say there is absolutely no truth to the Marlon Brando joke at all. Will there be a character named officer Noel Kilty in Pearl Harbor? Rearrange the letters of the name itself and you’ll get your answer.

Not Likely eh?