Pearl Harbor posters & score update

Posted on Feb 22, 2001

You can take a look at 3 Pearl Harbor posters by clicking here.

Hans Zimmer is still working on the score for the fast approaching Pearl Harbor. While talking to Hollywood Reporter columnist, Martin Grove, Zimmer revealed, “All I can tell you is right now as I’m sitting here is I’ve been sitting here for three days trying to write a great theme. I think all of that should be in capital letters — A GREAT THEME. That’s what you do at the beginning of these projects. You sit there and you try to write The Great Theme. It’s very elusive. It tortures me and it tortures everybody around me. People don’t even go near this room while I’m writing The Theme. And I haven’t found it yet, so of course I’m in a complete panic, just like always. I always go through this stage.”

When asked how much time he has for the theme, Zimmer replies, “I don’t have any time. I don’t know. I on purpose haven’t looked at the calendar because that would be too terrifying. It’s bad enough trying to write The Theme. It’s even worse to try to have reality creep into this process. Reality is definitely the enemy in this case.”

Regarding the difference between working with Ridley Scott and Michael Bay, the composer says, “I’m just about to find out. I think right now he’s using the Ridley and Tony methods — maybe they have conferred — to leave me completely alone for a while and see what I come up with. We’ll find out. I don’t think I’ll come up with something that will completely displease him. I think I know roughly where we want to go with this material.” (Cinescape)