Pearl Harbor stuff/ Michael prepping for cameo

Posted on Feb 14, 2001

There are a couple news items today. The first being that Access Hollywood will be showing the NEW Pearl Harbor trailer on February 15, 2001. Check your local listings.

Here is another exclusive (thanks to the “Ant” in the UK. You can see his site here ). This a story about the filming at Badmiton House.

One of the non-speaking stars of the UK filming was a small yappy dog. I guess he was the squadron mascot (we’re not going to scare the enemy with that). One if the scenes had the dog being patted by Rafe (Ben Affleck) in one of those cheesy American movie clichés to show that the lead is a loveable rogue. Needless to say that yappy dogs aren’t good at acting and there were a number of takes on that shot.

The next appearance by the dog was a scene in front of RAF Oakely (a.k.a. Badminton House) whereby the pilots sprint out towards their planes ready to engage the enemy. Set up to the right of the main door was the camera set to film the dog playing happily with a ball just as the pilots explode out of the door in clouds of dust, legs thrashing. So the scene was set, everyone was asked to be quiet (it was the last day and we were restless). The ball was put in front of the dog and it rocketed off with it, like a thing possessed. One of the assistant directors ran off after it obviously enjoying the play.

A few shots later and the dog was still happily running around with the ball. This time the pilots managed to get out of the door running. It was like watching fireworks explode as the dog ran towards them and the pilots jumped this way and that to avoid it. A few people stumbled. Everyone had to go back to first places for another take, and still the dog was running around with it’s ball.

Just as they were setting up for another take the dog found itself running around the legs of the assistant director. Its nose was pushing tracks in the gravel as it nudged the ball around in circles and knocked against the AD. And over he went, crashing on the floor. He got up, dusted himself off and said, “That’s going on!“. The crew laughed. The extras laughed, however, I think it was more to do with the guy being an American and falling smack on his butt.

Anyway, here is a picture of Michael getting his hair done for his cameo in “Pearl Harbor.”