Pearl Harbor trailer info

Posted on Dec 15, 2000

I will post instructions on Saturday (pm) on how you can win an official Pearl Harbor poster. It’s been a long and tired week, so forgive me for not puting up the instructions on Wednesday.
Ok…you’ve been asking for the trailer. This damn trailer has been out on the theaters for the past 3 weeks. Where in the online hell is it? Well, I have some bad news…again.

As many of you know, on 12.01.00 I mentioned that I received official word that the trailer new full trailer for Pearl Harbor was being rescored for the internet and TV, and that at the moment they DO NOT have a date. As of now, Michael is busy editing, trying to make some free time for the holidays (that’s if he has any). I do not know if there will be a new trailer attached to any prints that are scheduled for the Xmas weekend.

Nick at sent me the following:

“I recently spoke with Disney and asked what the delay was on their trailer for Pearl Harbor. I was told that they will not release the new trailer until……………………mid January. The reason is because of various ‘other commitments’ elsewhere that needs to be taken care of. Whatever that means I don’t know, but they sure know how to piss of a very dedicated and excited fan community.”

I fell the pain brother. So there you have it.

My guess that the Mouse House is either revving up an enormous advertising campaign or it screwing up, or being lazy (which I highly doubt, they have to much $$$ riding on this movie).

As someone said on the message board “I don’t understand why we are still waiting [for the new trailer]. This is possibly the most wanted trailer in the world right now.”