Michael Bay eyeing King Arthur project?

Posted on Dec 5, 2000

Yes, you read right.

It seems that there is another film Michael might direct after “Pearl Harbor.” (He’s been mentioned as possibly directing “Africa,” “The Gory Details,” and another one that concerns the kidnapping of a high-powered attorney’s wife; the ransom for her safe release is his suicide).

According to Variety columnist Michael Fleming, writer-producer David Franzoni, who concocted Gladiator, is working on bringing the story of King Arthur to the big screen again. An outline for the project was sold to Disney with word that the script is now being written by Franzoni. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer is already attached to handle it with word that the film may be Michael Bay’s next after Pearl Harbor.

Disney is attempting to keep a veil of secrecy around the project with word that the coming film will approach the familiar material in a “much different” way. The columnist reports that this new version of the story will be entrenched in reality looking at the politics of the era in a world where the Roman Empire has fallen. This Braveheart-like approach will favor gritty realism over the expected mystical stuff.