Bruckheimer talk Bad Boys 2

Posted on Nov 27, 2000

In an interview Jerry Bruckhiemer had with he had this to say about “Pearl Harbor,” and a possible sequel to “Bad Boys.”

“We’re hoping for PG-13, but that’s going to come down to how Michael puts the movie together and what the rating board thinks of it. If it turns out that they decide it’s an R, what concessions he would have to make to make it a PG-13, that’s a creative decision we will have to make.”

” ‘Bad Boys’ is the picture that we’ve been trying to come up with a story and screenplay that works…

Q: Is Michael Bay going to direct ‘Bad Boys II?’ We don’t know that yet. Once we have a script, we’ll show it to him and if he sparks to it, hopefully heâll direct it.”