Pearl Harbor trailer description

Posted on Nov 22, 2000

Just came back from watching “Unbreakable.” Excellent movie.

But, what I really went for was to see the new “Pearl Harbor” trailer. Let’s go directly into the details. The openig shot is of two boys playing on what looks like a toy ariplane made of wood boxes and other stuff. It’s about 3 minutes long. It has the same temp track (Journey to the Line), and some of the footage that was found in the teaser.There is some dialogue, but what is most impressive is FDR’s voice over spoken by Jon Voight. What surprised me the most is that this film doesn’t look like any of Michael’s other movies.

But the the new shots are breathtaking. The one that made people in the cineplex say “WOW” was a tracking shot (from the rear) Michael set up to follow a bomb that is headed for one of the ships. I said “WOW” too. That’s the money shot. It’s the equivalent of the Chrysler building racing down towards the camera. It is awesome!!! There’s also an underwater shot of dead sailors floating in the water with an American flag filled with holes and light beams flashing through. There are cool shots of the Japanese planes taking off the carriers. You have to see it.

As soon as I get the Quicktime files of the new trailer, I will notify you all through the mailing list. So sign up if you haven’t!