Disney at it again…

Posted on Nov 29, 2000

I have some BAD news for you guys and gals. Apparently Disney won’t be releasing the new “Pearl Harbor” trailer anytime soon. Nick Medrano at the PH site has been told by the mouse house that it won’t be releasing the new trailer for another 2 – 3 weeks.

Honestly, Disney not releasing this trailer—like NOW—pisses me off a bit. They need all the promotion they can get for this movie. I understand if they don’t want to hype it, but these trialers have gone well with audiences—especially this last one.

And again, if it *does* appear online anytime soon, I will notify you all on the mailing list.

Pearl Harbor poster and other stuff

Posted on Nov 28, 2000

Tons of you have been asking why I don’t have the new Pearl Harbor trailer. I’ve contacted movies.com ( a subsidary of Disney ), and one of the encoding studios Disney uses, and this is what they’ve said:

“…We do not yet have information on when the new trailer for “Pearl Harbor” will become available.”

“I don’t believe we’ve seen the trailer come through here yet. However, I’d expect it online soon.”

So when I do have it, I will notify you guys and gals ASAP via the mailing list.

Here it is. The first “Pearl Harbor” Original Movie Poster. The poster measures 27 x 40 inches and printed on a very strong almost translucent paper. This new printing material is no doubt being used to enhance the effect of viewing the poster in a backlit theatre display frame.

They’re limited. You can find one right now at ebay. Click here. Happy bidding!

I’ve also been told by movies.com (a subsidary of Disney) the following:

Thank you for contacting us. We do not yet have information on when the new trailer for “Pearl Harbor” will become available.

Bruckheimer talk Bad Boys 2

Posted on Nov 27, 2000

In an interview Jerry Bruckhiemer had with Z.com he had this to say about “Pearl Harbor,” and a possible sequel to “Bad Boys.”

“We’re hoping for PG-13, but that’s going to come down to how Michael puts the movie together and what the rating board thinks of it. If it turns out that they decide it’s an R, what concessions he would have to make to make it a PG-13, that’s a creative decision we will have to make.”

” ‘Bad Boys’ is the picture that we’ve been trying to come up with a story and screenplay that works…

Q: Is Michael Bay going to direct ‘Bad Boys II?’ We don’t know that yet. Once we have a script, we’ll show it to him and if he sparks to it, hopefully heâll direct it.”

When Worlds Collide

Posted on Nov 25, 2000

For those of you interested in the technical aspects of movie-making—especially photography—go and read this VERY informative interview I found in my old American Cinematographer magazines. It is by far one of the most interesting articles I’ve seen published about how Bay and Schwartzman work. It details the whole photography process in “Armageddon.” This article is waist-deep in technical stuff.

When Worlds Collide.

Pearl Harbor trailer description

Posted on Nov 22, 2000

Just came back from watching “Unbreakable.” Excellent movie.

But, what I really went for was to see the new “Pearl Harbor” trailer. Let’s go directly into the details. The openig shot is of two boys playing on what looks like a toy ariplane made of wood boxes and other stuff. It’s about 3 minutes long. It has the same temp track (Journey to the Line), and some of the footage that was found in the teaser.There is some dialogue, but what is most impressive is FDR’s voice over spoken by Jon Voight. What surprised me the most is that this film doesn’t look like any of Michael’s other movies.

But the the new shots are breathtaking. The one that made people in the cineplex say “WOW” was a tracking shot (from the rear) Michael set up to follow a bomb that is headed for one of the ships. I said “WOW” too. That’s the money shot. It’s the equivalent of the Chrysler building racing down towards the camera. It is awesome!!! There’s also an underwater shot of dead sailors floating in the water with an American flag filled with holes and light beams flashing through. There are cool shots of the Japanese planes taking off the carriers. You have to see it.

As soon as I get the Quicktime files of the new trailer, I will notify you all through the mailing list. So sign up if you haven’t!

Criterion’s Beker defends “Armageddon”

Posted on Nov 21, 2000

In a conversation Salon had with the Criterion Collection’s Peter Becker (the man who created the ultimate DVD versions of “Grand Illusion,” “This Is Spinal Tap” — and “Armageddon”), he defended Criterion’s DVD issuing of “Armageddon” by saying the following:

“Specifically, with “Armageddon”: You’d be silly to overlook blockbusters as a genre and leave them out of a film library. They drive so much. They drive tastes and shooting styles and visual references that appear all over the world in commercials and on TV as well as on movie screens. They’re part of a huge cultural cross-pollination. And special effects are one of the most important aspects of a certain kind of contemporary filmmaking.

The opportunity we had to explore the effects in “Armageddon” was extraordinary. These guys dug a 400-foot hole in the middle of a Hollywood sound stage. It was a mammoth project and a great thing to be able to chronicle. One may choose to say, “What an enormous amount of money to spend on so frivolous an enterprise.” But it occupies an important position on the spectrum of contemporary films.

Michael Bay, who made “Armageddon,” is one of the most masterful directors of that kind. He’s managed to develop a certain style and energy in shooting that is consonant with what people seem to be looking for in these huge blockbusters. He’s an articulate exponent of what he is up to, and he is refreshingly candid. He’s not going to sit there and try to convince you that his and Ingmar Bergman’s intentions are one and the same. He’s trying to make a wild ride and he’s trying to show you how it’s done.

While it may be that there are some who feel it’s uncomfortable to see “Armageddon” on the shelf next to “Amarcord,” they’re both great discs for different reasons. I think there’s an honorable place for “Armageddon” in our collection. It may help us bring in a whole new audience. If we climb too proudly to the top of the ivory tower where we screen only Fellini and Bergman, Godard and Truffaut, Kurosawa, Tarkovski and Pabst, we will find ourselves very soon preaching only to the choir.”

Even people who hate “Armageddon” have to admit that one of the best things about your collection is that it’s not stuffy. In addition to the high art, it’s got some glitz, and it’s got some cult items.

Pearl Harbor trailer feature in “Unbreakable”

Posted on Nov 17, 2000

Be on the lookout for the new “Pearl Harbor” trailer (not teaser) in the previews for Bruce Willis’ “Unbreakable” which comes out on November 22, 2000. From what I hear, it is “amazing.”

I will post the trailer online as soon as I get it.