Bay confronts loser

Posted on Aug 14, 2000

Michael and crew should be heading to England towards the end of August. The UK scenes of Pearl Harbor, are to be filmed at an airfield outside the city of Bath, in the south west of England, possible at the RAF airbase in Colerne, which is the nearest airfield according to sources.

I also picked up this humorous piece of info involving Michael from E!:

“Michael Bay, director of The Rock, Armageddon and the upcoming Pearl Harbor, attended the Mission to Mars premiere at the El Capitan in Hollywood recently. And I must tell you that one movie fan on the sidelines acted as abysmally as the performers do in this most painful of Brian DePalma outings (save Jerry O’Connell, perhaps). “Michael Bay sucks!” screamed a rude person behind the ropes. So, Michael darling charged over to the mouther-offer and confronted the jerk, who suddenly backed down and apologized. I declare, more stars should adopt Bay’s butch ways.”