Affleck Talks ‘Pearl’

Posted on Jul 8, 2000

Got this from the Cinescape Insider:

Ben Affleck is talking about Pearl Harbor and how it won’t be like helmer Michael Bay’s previous films. While talking to Popculprit, Affleck gave his take on the ongoing production, saying, “This is a serious film, and the stuff we shot in Hawaii is just visually amazing. It’s not a mindless action thing.”

Affleck adds, “The only thing that is fictionalized in the movie are some of the characters, who are amalgams of real people. Michael is humanizing the event, and it’s richly evoking the time and feel. It’s a serious film in all the ways that big, serious Hollywood movies have historically been, but only bigger, more sophisticated, more realistic·[Bay and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are] intent on not making this a mindless movie, which makes the whole thing almost more genuine than it otherwise would be. This is not a safe film for Michael, there is tremendous pressure for it to be as honest as possible.