Bad Boys Special Edition

Posted on Jun 27, 2000

The Special Edition for “Bad Boys” was released today. If you’re interested in buying it click here.

When I spoke to Michael about the first DVD transfer for Bad Boys, he told me that Columbia-Tristar screwed up the transfer. He was right.

If you were ever to see the LaserDisc transfer of Bad Boys you will ask yourself who was doing the transfer at Columbia. My…the quality of the picture is horrible!

Now with this Special Edition release, the image looks waaaay better than the first DVD/LaserDisc release. It is a significant improvement.

Also, the most interesting thing about this release it Michael’s commentary. It is very enlightening, and at times it can get very technical. But Michael keeps it interesting throughout the whole movie be it with technical info or some stories. By far this is my favorite commentary. He’s the one doing all the talk unlike “The Rock” & “Armageddon.”

Go buy it!