Cinco de Mayo and Tony Cimo

Posted on May 5, 2000

For those of you of Mexican heritage, I would like to wish you a “Feliz Cinco de Mayo!”

For those of you living in Atlanta, WATL will broadcast this Saturday afternoon “Vengance: The Story of Tony Cimo.” So what’s the big deal? I’ve been bombarded with emails asking me if Michael acts in this movie as a sled agent. Go figure. The Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB) list him as part of the cast for this 1986 movie. I have official word that tells me that it is not the Michael Bay we know. Who the hell gave this info? Can anyone delete that info at the IMDB?

Anyway, if someone gets to record this, please send me a copy (email me at [email protected] if you want my mailing address). I wanna see who this sled agent is…