Nike Alpha Project ads

Posted on Apr 27, 2000

Click here to view one of Michael’s Nike Alpha Project commercials titled “Court Elves|Johnnny the Angry Android|Goat Boy.”You must have Quicktime 4.0. Note: this is one of Michael’s strangest commercials by far. It has that creepy “Fellini-esque” look and feel to it. I’ve always said it again and again: Michael can make pretty dark and edgy stuff. I just hope he directs the “Gory Details.” Below is the list of the three commercials he made for the Alpha Project campaign.

“Court Elves|Johnnny the Angry Android|Goat Boy” (Propaganda Films 1999)

“Johnny the Angry Android” (Propaganda Films 1999)

“Snowdome” (Propaganda Films 1999)