Pearl Harbor crash video

Posted on Apr 18, 2000

Many of you have e-mailed me requesting that I put on the video taken by an amateur photographer shown on ET (Entertainment Tonight) of the airplane crash. I have not seen the video and have no intentions of doing so. I will tell you the following without adopting a “holier-than-thou” attitude:

“The Michael Bay Site will not post footage or links to this video. Personally I do believe that it is ethically wrong to show the moments of someone else’s agony and despair. “

Again, this is my personal choice and belief. I am not condemning anyone who has seen it or post it on their site. I am just giving you the reason why I won’t.


Regarding yesterday’s plane accident in which, thank God, no one died, Bayfilms VP Jennifer Klein says Michael told her that the pilot suffered scrapes and a broken ring finger, not the broken wrist and face lacerations that have been reported by various websites and media organizations. The pilot is currently stationed at Tripler Army Medical Center in stable condition.

Hope it clears the air. Thanks to Nick Medrano at the Pearl Harbor site for the info.