And the DP of Pearl Harbor is…

Posted on Apr 5, 2000

Much of you have asked who is going to be Michael’s DP (director of photography). Well, for the 3rd time in a row it will be no other than John Schwartzman ASC. One of this site’s readers sent me a tip confirming, and giving some interesting info. Thanks Sean.

” I was at Panavision Woodland Hills on Monday, March 13 for a workshop and our class was interrupted twice because the camera assistant (just in case you don’t know – he’s the guy who checks out all the cameras, does tests, i.e. pre-production camera grunt work… then pulls the focus for the “A” camera on set, among other things) was in a rush to test the anamorphic lenses that they were planning to use for Pearl Harbor. He needed to screen his test shots from Friday and needed to do them immediately because he was concerned about some sort of “bending” on the edges of the picture. We were in the only screening room in the entire building so we were privy to the screening. He then came in a second time when we were at lunch to watch footage which was shot in front of Panavision which was mostly handheld photography involving a guy in full sailor (light brown) uniform and just some other guy in shorts and a white shirt. They were doing swish pans and running with the camera handheld. Apparently the sky matched the faces or the costumes too much (there wasn’t enough contrast, I guess)… soooo… they brought in the head honcho – John Schwartzman to review the test shots…Schwartzman is definitely on board.”