Pearl Harbor storyboard and Levi ads

Posted on Mar 19, 2000

The Unofficial Pearl Harbor Site has manage to get exclusive storyboards for “Pearl Harbor.” They’ve got a total of four storyboards ( thanks to Nick Medrano ). You can view two of them by clicking on the thumbnails below, and the rest can be view by clicking on the following link

Back in August of 99, I was speaking to Michael about his new Levi’s commercials. I was surprised to learn that he had made 3 commercials for Levi’s that summer. They are: The Invisible Man, The Artist , and The Train (AKA “Frayed”). The “Train?” Well, Michael told me he did decided not to finish the “Train” commercial because Levi’s was afraid to take chances with that particular commercial. Levi’s thought it was a little bit to risqué ( he also went on to tell me how the Levi’s “Elevator” commercial has the highest rating for any Levi’s commercial ever made ). So he decided not to put up with all the ad agency BS…and walked off the set.

Well, Levi’s has decided to air the “Train” commercial. I doubted that the cut you will be seeing is what Michael had in mind. But alas, it has Michael Bay elements. Click below to see “The Train”

Levi’s Frayed/Train (Quicktime 4, 1.5mbs)