Michael Bay Talks ‘Pearl Harbor’

Posted on Mar 11, 2000

Recently, InLinefirst.com asked Michael Bay About “Pearl Harbor,” and surprisingly about a sequel to “The Rock.”

We all know ‘Pearl Harbor’ is the highest-budgeted film of all time. We may or may not know that it was originally called ‘Tennessee’ before the film-makers decided to name it directly after the event. But what can director Michael Bay tell us about his ambitious project?

At a public appearance supporting Buena Vista’s ‘Mission to Mars,’ Bay talked about ‘Pearl Harbor.’

There’s a lot of work ahead,” Bay said. “We’ve been researching for the past year.” Even though there is a lot of effort being put into historical accuracy, Bay assured InLineFirst readers that it will be a film about people.

“It’s all character, and it’s a very different movie than I’ve ever done before. It’s all history, but not everything’s based in fact.”

‘Mission to Mars’ distributor Buena Vista will also finance and distribute ‘Pearl Harbor.’ While we had Bay’s attention, we asked about the possibility of a sequel to ‘The Rock.’ He simply replied, “Not for me.”