The Fate of Michael Bay’s PEARL HARBOR in trouble’

Posted on Jan 17, 2000

Got this from Harry Knowles at AICN:

“The truth is… Pearl Harbor (aka TENNESSEE) is still set to begin shooting in Hawaii on April 10th. Michael Bay and crew are currently in the midst of meeting with a wide array of actors and actresses, and it’s looking like some casting is almost ready to go forward. They will be shooting in Hawaii for 6 weeks, before moving production to Baja, California for additional shooting. Recently Michael Bay was in Texas taking a look at an old Aircraft Carrier, and the film is being made. So, while Roth MAY have very well left Disney over some heated discussion with Eisner, (Which I Do Not Know), whatever happened between Eisner and Roth… It seems it will have NO effect upon the film or the film’s future.”