Bombs Away

Posted on Jan 14, 2000

Nelson here… Sorry for the downtime. I was notified by my webhosting company that one of their servers went down. And guess what? It just *happened* to be the one this site is hosted on. This crap happens one more time, I’ll be…

Anyway, on with the news. Since Joe Roth’s departure from Disney, rumors regarindg Bay’s “Pearl Harbor” have begun to spread.’s Jeffrey Wells wrote an article about “Pearl Harbor” and all the stuff going on. Personally, I believe some of it (the casting parts), and the other stoff is a bunch of crap. It seems that if this movie gets made, it will be opening summer 2001. If you want to read the article, click here to read it.. Below, you can read some excerpts:

Bombs Away

“In less than four months, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Michael Bay will probably begin rolling film on Pearl Harbor „ the biggest, splashiest, most expensive World War II film ever made. The budget is starting at $145 million, and will almost certainly come in higher when all is said and done. Movies like this always do. Which is where the “probably” comes in. In the wake of Disney chairman Joe Roth’s announced resignation Wednesday, Disney chairman/CEO Michael Eisner is rattling his saber and telling The Wall Street Journal and Variety that Pearl Harbor hasn’t been greenlit. But this is probably just posturing meant to assuage the financial community. I’d say the odds favoring a Pearl Harbor “go” at this stage are roughly 80-20…”

“…I’ve been told Ed Burns (Saving Private Ryan), Jim Caviezel (The Thin Red Line) and Wes Bentley (American Beauty) „ three very intense, au courant young actors „ are top contenders for the two male lead roles, flyboys Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker. Burns is said to be a particular favorite to play McCawley; the similar-looking Caviezel and Bentley (dark hair, intense eyes) are said to be competing for the Walker role. Felicity’s Scott Speedman is also said to be in the running for one of the male roles. Gwyneth Paltrow is being sought out to play Evelyn, the romantic female lead…” I know Bruckheimer is looking to cast Gene Hackman as President Franklin Roosevelt, but I’m told Hackman is waiting for a script rewrite before committing…”

“…When this budget-buster from Disney finally opens in the summer of 2001, to put it another way, will it play like a cross between Titanic and Saving Private Ryan, which Bay is said to be aiming for…”

“…Reached by phone, Bruckheimer declined comment on most of the matters discussed here. He confirmed the projected April start date and said the location filming schedule calls for Pearl Harbor, Los Angeles, Fox Baja, Texas, and then England, in that order…”