Commercial Interest

Posted on Dec 24, 1999

Went back in to the archives of “Bay material” and picked up a small story the Hollywood Reporter did on John Schwartzman. In the article he talks about working with Michael on “Armageddon.” You can read it here.

Happy Holidays

Posted on Dec 24, 1999

I would like to wish everyone that visits this site a Merry Christmas. Hope you can enjoy the holidays wherever you are. To those in Venezuela and Russia, you will be in our prayers, may God be with you.

And to all those who have in some way contributed to this site (with your emails, news, pictures, etc), we only hope that by this time next year we’ll all be watching Micheal Bay’s “Pearl Harbor.”


Posted on Dec 7, 1999

Just some little news today. ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) will be doing the visual effects for Pearl Harbor. And Jerry Bruckheimer has his web site on standby mode. Go to