Spoke to Michael today.

Posted on Aug 14, 2001

Spoke to Michael today.

I asked him if he had anything in the works and he said he is still looking at stuff and hasn’t commited to anything. He is still with CAA. And for all of those of you that ask “does he read the message boards,” the answer is: yes.

Kent Jones article

Posted on Aug 6, 2001

Hey guys. Not much news on Michael these days. He is taking some time off (who wouldn’t after working on Pearl Harbor?). As some of you know, Michael has made a coupe of commercials for Victoria’s Secret and Pepsi. They be around soon.

For now, here is an interesting article about Michael and his movies. Believe it or not, it’s titled “Bay Watch” (yes, it’s the third article that has that header). This journalist seems to like Michael’s movies. 😉

Click here to read it. Thanks to Susan K. for the heads up.