Pearl Harbor Poster Collage

Posted on Feb 8, 2001

Seems that Disney has three posters planned for “Pearl Harbor” which are all linked together and here’s a good quality shot of the first two. Check it out.


Posted on Feb 6, 2001

Do I have a treat for you all (no, it’s not the NEW Pearl Harbor trailer). You can go to the multimedia section and see 4 music videos that were directed by Michael.

Also, this site is mentioned in an article by the Uk’s 6degrees Film site. Click here to read the article. The article is entitled “Who Is Michael Bay.” Apparently, the writer has some issues with Bay’s editing style.

You can also read this important article where Michael Bay anounces he is forming his own as-yet-unnamed commercial production house. Click here to read the article.

The site

Posted on Feb 5, 2001

January was an amazing month for This site went from 10 hits a day, to 100, to 250, and last month to 321,511 hits.

You know? I still remember the first visitor that posted in the guest book way back in fall of 1998. His name is Steve Muhr. So buddy, if you’re out there, drop me a line.

I would like to thank all of you for making this site worthwhile maintaining.

Birthday form

Posted on Feb 4, 2001

As some of you might know, February 17 is Michael’s birthday. And as a custom in prior years, you can send Michael a little e-mail wishing him Happy Birthday. I usually print these emails and send them to him. Click here to find out when the deadline is and to fill out the b-day form.

Bay in uniform

Posted on Feb 2, 2001

Here is a exclusive.

One of our readers and an extra in “Pearl Harbor” sent us this picture of Michael in uniform. Thanks to Anthony (you can see his site by clicking here.

Click on the thumbnail above to see a higher res image.

New site design

Posted on Feb 1, 2001

As you can tell, we have a new design. You might ask: why such a simple (or plain design)? Well, we’re going back to the basics. A minimalistic design with elegance, and a little of abstract.

For now, only the news section will be up.